An ActivityPub / OStatus - compatible social network platform, written in Ruby on Rails, react and NodeJS.
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Add frontend server ip to whitelist
3 weeks ago
environments Fix missing protocol in dns-prefetch, improve code style (#8963) 8 months ago
initializers Add frontend server ip to whitelist 3 weeks ago
locales Minor Slovak locale update (#10705) 1 month ago
webpack Fix emoji-mart crashing web UI on search by reverting the upgrade to 2.10.0 (#10413) 2 months ago
application.rb Add missing locales (bn, ga, hi) (#10295) 3 months ago
boot.rb Fix bootsnap cache directory being declared relatively (#9511) 6 months ago
brakeman.ignore Add type, limit, offset, min_id, max_id, account_id to search API (#10091) 3 months ago
database.yml config: add DB_SSLMODE for managed/remote PG (#10210) 3 months ago
deploy.rb Use the bundled Capistrano version (#9855) 5 months ago
environment.rb Make PreviewCard records reuseable between statuses (#4642) 1 year ago
i18n-tasks.yml Re-enable ignored translations that is needed (#7842) 4 months ago
navigation.rb Change the groupings of menu items in settings navigation (#10533) 2 months ago
puma.rb Improve ActiveRecord connection in on_worker_boot (#9238) 7 months ago
routes.rb Fix batch actions not working on pending accounts (#10508) 2 months ago
secrets.yml Upgrade to Rails 2 years ago
settings.yml Make witches-town theme default 3 weeks ago
sidekiq.yml Add scheduled statuses (#9706) 5 months ago
themes.yml Style: Witches-Town theme 3 weeks ago
webpacker.yml Bump webpacker from 3.5.5 to 4.0.2 (#10277) 3 months ago