An ActivityPub / OStatus - compatible social network platform, written in Ruby on Rails, react and NodeJS.
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Make witches-town theme default
3 months ago
environments Fix missing protocol in dns-prefetch, improve code style (#8963) 6 months ago
initializers Preload common JSON-LD contexts (#9412) 4 months ago
locales [i18n] Update for Occitan (#9169) 5 months ago
webpack Improve production build config (#8899) 6 months ago
application.rb Add Czech language option and locale data (#8594) 7 months ago
boot.rb Lint pass (#8876) 6 months ago
brakeman.ignore Add animate custom emoji param to embed pages (#8507) 7 months ago
database.yml use-DB_NAME-in-development (#5430) 1 year ago
deploy.rb Update dependencies for Ruby (2018-04-23) (#7237) 1 year ago
environment.rb Make PreviewCard records reuseable between statuses (#4642) 1 year ago
i18n-tasks.yml Revert #6479, hide sensitive text/images from OpenGraph previews (#6818) 1 year ago
navigation.rb Revert Font Awesome 5 upgrade (#8810) 6 months ago
puma.rb Improve ActiveRecord connection in on_worker_boot (#9238) 4 months ago
routes.rb Add unread indicator to conversations (#9009) 6 months ago
secrets.yml Upgrade to Rails 2 years ago
settings.yml Make witches-town theme default 3 months ago
sidekiq.yml Track historical space stats in PgHero to determine PostgreSQL growth (#8906) 6 months ago
themes.yml Style: Witches-Town theme 3 months ago
webpacker.yml Fix building assets in test environment (#8691) 7 months ago