116 Commits (master)

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  root 25eaed1465 License shit 5 days ago
  root b74e795768 Package licenses 2 weeks ago
  Elisa 8ecebf38e1 Modified desktop use for libvirt 2 weeks ago
  root 5e91b36703 Desktop: activate FDK 1 month ago
  root 9fb8444e04 Authorize newer versions of GCC 1 month ago
  root e48651510f Profile: back to old license defaults 1 month ago
  Elisa 1dac0505e0 Profile: added english 1 month ago
  Elisa 375e010223 stable git 2 months ago
  Elisa abe61a5f4f IPy: no matplotlib integration 2 months ago
  Elisa 7058cc5a7f Firefox 66.0.5 2 months ago
  Elisa bfd1c55842 Matplotlib: remove py2 support 2 months ago
  root 60f69ab53b Firefox 2 months ago
  root 1b3b73d921 giflib 2 months ago
  Elisa 76e3adefff Profiles/Desktop: feh: add curl support 3 months ago
  Elisa 9549627158 profiles/desktop: force digikam to use webkit 3 months ago
  root 30bf21ccd5 Little updates 4 months ago
  root c4f32245f1 Profile updates & package cleanup 4 months ago
  root 92853a473d Pangoterm 4 months ago
  root e708bc2339 Merge remote-tracking branch 'homer/master' 5 months ago
  Elisa 9fc6f00363 Package updates and cleanup 5 months ago
  Elisa 33cb2f19d1 Zim 5 months ago
  root c6b9f8bcdd Update changes 5 months ago
  root 3c8436d8e6 Merge branch 'master' of homer:ArtSoftware/portageLocalRepo 5 months ago
  root 66e1fbdfd3 Update changes 5 months ago
  root 9f153889fd Update changes 5 months ago
  Elisa ddaac6049d No unstable virtualbox (yet) 6 months ago
  root db3a914156 Profiles/Desktop: add ruby 2.6 support 6 months ago
  Elisa 44940089ba Profile/desktop: do not install deja vu content 6 months ago
  root 9c1bd04ac7 Profiles: don't mask ffmpeg 4 7 months ago
  Elisa 13c93541e1 Profiles/Base: activated http2 7 months ago
  Elisa c1fc5d4ea3 Terminol: fix -Werror=deprecated compilation fail 8 months ago
  Elisa 3fb05dff22 Weechat 9 months ago
  Elisa 5ea917692e Weechat need ruby 9 months ago
  Elisa 73bce6b450 Profiles trimming 10 months ago
  Elisa 5ff306cd2a VLC / updates 10 months ago
  Elisa e85aa08230 Gitignore: ignore md5-cache metadata dir 10 months ago
  Elisa 999aba8a2d Fixed gentoo bug #650258 10 months ago
  Elisa 560b1fc18e GLibc stable 10 months ago
  Elisa ba41d86e7c Desktop: stabilized kernel only 10 months ago
  Elisa 0dedc997c9 masked cuda 9 11 months ago
  Elisa 5c64b580f3 Calcurse not needed anymore 11 months ago
  Elisa c0078e690b Blender Cuda support 11 months ago
  Elisa 71724680c7 Update 1 year ago
  Elisa 2926ef86c3 Mumble 1 year ago
  Elisa 972bdbbaf5 Profiles/Desktop: OpenCL on mesa requires radeon driver 1 year ago
  Elisa b72e7c7b4a Profile/Desktop: don't accept noto font files, it overwrites my emojos 1 year ago
  Elisa e31c128bba MagicMaze by Patrick M 1 year ago
  root 8167d4c832 Updates for laptop 1 year ago
  root 4060eb79b1 Updates for server 1 year ago
  Elisa e7d593bdc9 Custom profiles: fixes 1 year ago