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.. code-block:: python

from mastodon import Mastodon

# Register app - only once!
api_base_url = '',
to_file = 'pytooter_clientcred.secret'

# Log in - either every time, or use persisted
mastodon = Mastodon(
client_id = 'pytooter_clientcred.secret',
api_base_url = ''
to_file = 'pytooter_usercred.secret'

# Create actual API instance
mastodon = Mastodon(
access_token = 'pytooter_usercred.secret',
api_base_url = ''
mastodon.toot('Tooting from python using #mastodonpy !')

Python wrapper for the Mastodon ( ) API.
Feature complete for public API as of Mastodon version 2.4.3 and easy to get started with.

You can install via pypi:

.. code-block:: Bash

# Python 2
pip install

# Python 3
pip3 install

Full documentation and basic usage examples can be found
at .

---------------- contains work by a large amount of contributors, many of which have
put significant work into making it a better library. You can find some information
about who helped with which particular feature or fix in the changelog.

.. image::
.. image::