Fork de par halcy

Updated 3 months ago

An ActivityPub / OStatus - compatible social network platform, written in Ruby on Rails, react and NodeJS.

Updated 1 month ago

petit script shell de gestion de backups via RSync et btrfs.

Updated 9 months ago

A  simple CLI trash management script to save your life occasionally.

Updated 3 months ago

Scripts de démarrage de electron/Colormap.git pour le monitoring de l'architecture de Art-Software

Updated 11 months ago

Modular Sound Visualizer

Updated 7 months ago

Reproduction de la machine à chiffrer du même nom, d'après un script par Bertrand Audibert

Updated 11 months ago

The K-2000 red Vu-meter in python and using Jackd

Updated 1 year ago

Multiple agent event-based collection and interaction system

Updated 1 day ago

Tootstream Mastodon TUI client

Updated 2 months ago

Portage system configuration (make.conf etc)

Updated 2 weeks ago

Art-Software overlay

Updated 5 days ago

Portage sets for Art Software system configuration

Updated 1 week ago

A CLI Mastodon/twitter - like arborescent text utility

Updated 3 months ago

A simple IRC Bot written in python

Updated 6 months ago

A python bot using API wrapper

Updated 2 months ago

A little tool to test your home debit simply with a ssh machine

Updated 1 year ago

Python IRC server

Updated 2 months ago

CPU frequency scaler that aims to benefit from maximum performance while limiting generated heat to a acceptable maximum.

Updated 1 year ago

The History where you are the Hero ; a text adventure game engine in javascript.

Updated 1 year ago